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Magical Symbols of Love

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Let's venture beyond the familiar rose, wine, and candlelight into the alluring world of romantic symbols. From tulips to truffles, vodka to Venus, pearls to pomegranates, magical symbols of love & romance trace the fascinating history of love iconography. This book also explains the use of powerful archetypal energy of symbols to add passion, romance, or lasting love to your life.

With the book Magical Symbols of Love by Richard Webster, you can learn the meaning of love symbols from a variety of sublime sources, including - flowers, foods, gems, astrology, perfumes, tarot imagery, animals, and colors. Plus, this engaging book on relationships features true, modern-day success stories that reveal how others use love symbols to resolve relationship issues, attract a lover, or propose marriage.

Dimension: 8" x 5 3/8" x 9/16"

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