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Magical Candle Crafting

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Add a spark of enchantment to your spiritual path by learning to handcraft your own mystical candles - a powerful way to infuse spiritual energy into your magic. Filled with candle recipes and spells, "Magical Candle Crafting" is a candle-making guide for making votive candles using inexpensive, easy-to-find items. 

Ember Grant takes you through each step, from mixing the wax to adding ingredients to charging your candle with energy. With the help of the Magical Candle Crafting book, you can make candles for rituals; specific to the elements, chakras, moon phases, planets, and the sabbats. You can also create spell candles for prosperity, love, romance, inspiration, and many other goals.

The enclosed timing guidelines and correspondences-herbs, essential oils, symbols, and chants - will further empower your magical intent. Rounded with innovation and decoration ideas, this book is ideal for all magical practitioners and those curious about spiritually mindful candle crafting.

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