Instant Magick

Instant Magick

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How exciting to hear that you can practice magic anytime, anywhere, even without the use of ceremonial spells, altars, or magical tools. Items such as magic candles, exotic symbols, and special materials are necessary to perform various types of magic. But all the time these items are not feasible, available, or attainable.

The author teaches the purest form of magic with this ‘Instant Magick’ Book. He teaches how to tap into your own energetic awareness to create change. Pure magic is accessible only through the power of your will.

Well-known author Christopher Penczak describes how to weave natural energy into each aspect of life by inspiring readers to discover their own willpower. Magic Book contains personal techniques to overcome any unhealthy, unwanted, or unnecessary desires to find a trustworthy, balanced magical being. It includes the author’s innovative, modern spellcasting methods that utilize attention, intention, words, and visualization in any situation, at any time.

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