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Grace Guidance and Gifts

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Our highest purpose in life is to free ourselves from the limiting patterns of the ego and soul, which keep us in chains of painful, disempowered life, to realize the authentic and pure self fully. This journey may be difficult, even impossible until we reach the 3 sacred blessings of the soul that God bestows. We cannot be successful without them. These holy blessings are God's grace, personal gifts, and inner guidance, offered in this 'Grace Guidance and Gifts' book. 

God's grace - elevates us above our potential; Inner guidance - leads us on the path; Personal gifts are internal and external resources that we find at every step of our way to success. This inspirational book will show us how you'll shower these blessings every day through daily lessons, personal intentions, specific prayers, and powerful mantras. Hence, open this devotional book now and invoke your holy blessings. It is a great prayer book; use it daily to keep your gifts and return home.

Dimension: 8 7/16" x 5 1/2" x 5/8"

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