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Earth Air Fire and Water

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Centuries-old tools of natural magic such as the leaf of an oak tree, wildflowers, water from a sparkling stream, and dirt from a cold dark cave, all come from the 4 natural elements, i.e., Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. We can easily change ourselves, our life, and even the world by leveraging these four elements. This ' Earth Air Fire & Water' magical ritual book depicts seventy-five spells, rites, and simple rituals that can be performed using the incredible powers of the natural world.

From this magic book, you will learn -

  • Magic basics that require you to make magic actually work for you
  • Importance of rituals, techniques, and magical elements
  • Natural magic of nine different types that can be performed for any purpose.
  • How to combine the elements with basic magic to create your own rituals

This book will help you discover over 40 examples that show how easy it is to design your own ritual. In addition, you'll find rhyming or powerful words for spells, glossaries for particular words, and annotated bibliographies.


"The treasure trove of practical magic for both experienced practitioners and novices...beautifully crafted spells that invoke the alchemy of possibility." - PanGaia

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