Death and the Afterlife

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Death signifies an end and a great mystery about what comes next, and the range of human emotions surrounding it is so vast that authors can combine it with many other themes. So the question is, "What happens to the spirit after the body dies?"

The Afterlife, also called life behind death, is a purported reality in which the integral part of an individual's identity or stream of consciousness persists to live after the end of their physical body or death.

Death and the Afterlife is a book by Clifford A. Pickover that tells you that there's a part of yourself that never dies and that there is an eternal substance consciousness that is non-local. For that consciousness, it is inconceivable to pass after the death of the physical body.

These bizarre chronology incidents are out of science and shed light on the darkness, exploring such diverse subjects as the Maya death gods, golems, seances, zombies, and quantum immortality. With the turn of every page, readers will encounter compelling images and unexpected insights about death and what may lie beyond.

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