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Cosmic Karma

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Celestial promises. Earthly fulfillment. Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe is more than just a BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO KARMIC ASTROLOGY, it’s an astrological self-help book for the soul. By teaching you to study your birth chart in the same way ancient astronomers believed it should be studied - as a universal birth map of your soul's chosen energies for this lifetime – this book compels you to discover the most empowering universal secret of all: your birth energies only reflect your ability to be great and shine bright in this lifetime because they’re actually a celestial documentation of your soul’s promise to aim higher and do better than it did in the last one. In short, your birth chart is your soul’s Contract with the Universe. It can’t help but reveal where you’re destined to succeed in the material world because it illuminates your soul’s promise to evolve in the spiritual one. Who knew? Certainly not us, and that’s our dilemma. We humans have no conscious memory of our unconscious past. It’s also why Cosmic Karma is a must-read. It will help you connect all the cosmic dots in your birth chart by giving you all the karmic tools you’ll need to identify them.  (Edited by author)

7" x 7" x 1/2"

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