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Chakra Meditation

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Written by Swami Shardananda, a leading meditation practitioner, this 'Chakra Mediation' book is the perfect meditation guide for beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike. Simply written and easy to read, this book on chakra meditation gives you the practical benefits of meditation to bring you into one's life. It will help increase your peace of mind, focus, thought clarity, creativity and restored balance and well-being in your life.

As per Indian Healing Philosophy, chakras are the 7 energy centers found in the human body, starting from the spine to the head. Each center is considered a center of vital energy flowing through the body. So re-tuning all chakras through meditation can have many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Along with an enlightening introduction, this Chakra Meditation Guide includes easy-to-follow instructions and colorful, informative illustrations. This is a perfect chakra guide with 7 chapters offering a range of meditations and visualizations to help calm or stimulate the energy centers. The book also provides self-help tools that include yoga postures, healing foods, crystals, and oils to support them.

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