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Carved Selenite T-Lite Candle Holder

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Selenite is known to be a potent cleansing and healing crystal and is also famous for clearing negative vibes. Hence, it is beneficial for meditation and spiritual works. It would be best to add this Carved Selenite T-Lite Candle Holder for lighting candles for magic, spells, meditation, and rituals. Beautifully engraved, this off-white selenite crystal candle holder features clean edges and a rugged body. It provides a warm glow that lights up any room or workspace.

The best part is that this selenite candle holder claims to improve air quality by generating negative ions, which are suitable for breathing as well as provide many other wonderful benefits. This tea light candle holder makes a unique, helpful gift option for loved ones on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and more.

  • Dimension: 3” x 3”

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