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Bringing your Soul to Light

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We all have a divine purpose in life. With the help of spiritual guides and wise elders, we made a plan before choosing this incarnation's family, culture, era, and life circumstances. This plan will prove to be the best for our spiritual growth now.

'Bringing Your Soul to Light' is an excellent spiritual book by Dr. Linda Backman (regression therapist) and C. Norman Shelley (MD, Ph.D., Holistic Medicine pioneer and author). The health and wellness book based on soul light offers a compelling and personal glimpse into this extraordinary process and the universal relationships we share throughout life and beyond. Transformational and empowering, this book includes a wealth of original first-hand accounts from real past-life and mid-life regression sessions by Dr. Linda. On the other hand, C. Norman Shelley has presented a preface.

Dimension: 9" x 6" x 11/16"

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