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Astrology on the Cusp

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Perhaps everyone has heard of the term 'Born on the Cusp', but what does it actually mean? It means when your birthday falls on the date when the zodiac sign changes over to another, thus you have the traits of each.

Extremely engaging and easy to use, this 'Astrology on the Cusp' book goes beyond the simple, cut-and-dried ideals of Zodiac Sign Astrology. It does not require any special knowledge. With this Astrology Book, you will gain in-depth knowledge about your personality and motivations and those whose birthdays fall on the edge of the two zodiac signs.

This Astrology Book will help you identify your unique strengths, gifts, and challenges by looking at your birthday. You will also learn about upcoming career opportunities, times when you can expect rewards or obstacles, and zodiac signs that best match love and romance.

This Cusp Zodiac Book is an excellent choice for astrologers and people who love to do astrology.

Dimension: 8" x 5 1/4" x 5/8"

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