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Angels Companions in Magick

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Of Sparkle, Flames & Moonbeams 

Deepen your connection to the Divine and infuse your spellwork with radiant new power when you invite angels into your life.  Angels are universal guides, helpers, and friends just waiting for you to call on them for assistance, regardless of which spiritual or magical path you follow.

Angels:  Companions in Magick is a treasury of practical wisdom, magical techniques, and fascinating angel lore, all presented with Silver’s down-to-earth warmth and straightforwardness.  You’ll find out how to work with angels to create happiness, healing, and abundance; discover your true purpose for this lifetime; and make the world a better place using blessings for peace, prosperity, and protection.  From making angelic rosaries and angel egg charms to combating chaos with celestial magick, this unique guidebook offers a rich variety of ways to work with these wondrous beings.  You’ll learn the essentials of angel magick, including: 

The Queen of Angels and angelic hierarchy • angels and the elements 
angel days • the zodiac and planets • invocations 
talismans, digits, and charm bags • divination and ritual
guardian angels • making an altar • meditation 
angel journals • the angelic cauldron 
guardian angel basket • living with angels 


9 1/8" x 7 9/16" x 7/8"