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Advanced Candle Magick

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Seize control of your destiny one step further with the superficial but deep practice of refined candle magick tricks. Advanced Candle Magick is the very foremost book by Ray Buckland on practical candle-burning rituals that explains the basic approaches of commanding, praising forces, and making something occur.

In the advanced candle magick guide, you'll learn how to employ advanced spells, introductory outcomes, visualization, and astrology to enhance your influence. With the help of this spell book, you will be capable of creating a framework for powerful spellwork through the use of planetary hours, days of the week, herb and stone resemblances, and color symbolism. You will also be capable of producing positive vibes in your relationships, finances, health, and morale when you contrive your powerful rituals based on the illustration spells presented in this book.

For those working with folk magic or those who don't like their spells to be Wiccan flavored, this witchcraft candle magick book is an excellent resource. You would like more information on making your candles, as buying them for ritual use can be expensive. Still, this is an excellent addition to folk magick or a mysterious open library.

  • Dimension: 8” x 5 1/4” x 11/16”

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