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A Practical Guide To The Runes

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Introducing 'A Practical Guide to the Runes' book by Lisa Peschel, for fortune tellers and witchcraft!

This book of the runes will help you discover the divination nature of runes and how to use them as a magical tools for insight, protection, and luck. A great book for beginners as well as adepts that covers everything from meaning to memorization techniques to create your own runes layouts.

The Runes Guide book is created by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of Northern Europe where the runes originated as a magickal system of pictographs. They represented forces and objects in nature.

Book consists: 

  • A full explanation of the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, plus WYRD, the blank rune
  • The difference between bind runes and rune scripts
  • Four rune layouts and detailed rune interpretations, including reversed position meanings
  • How to carve runes and create talismans
  • Meanings and uses of the runes in magic

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