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3 Lights Taper Candle Holder

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A wonderful way to illuminate your altar or sacred space and interior!

Providing you a Taper Candle Holder or Candelabra that has 3 arms or cups for different types of candles. Although all three are similar, the middle arm is slightly longer than the rest. They all will look the same from both the front and back sides. This tall candle holder is made of superior quality brass and has a smooth and shiny gold finish making it durable, sturdy, and elegant. The brass candle holder will bring elegance and mystical magic to your space.

Originally designed to illuminate altars or sacred places (churches, etc.), but widely applied. You can use it as a vintage wedding decor at weddings, as a Christmas table centerpiece, at candlelight dinners, for drawing room decoration, etc. This golden candelabra is the perfect gift to delight those who like things bright and shiny. Give them on occasions like Thanksgiving, Housewarming, Anniversaries, etc.

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